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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  March 1, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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respect and pay they deserve? 7% of you said yes. 93% of you said no. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. be sure to check out our new blog at the last word with lawrence o'donnell starts right now. we'll see you back here tomorrow night here on "the ed show" on msnbc. plan in this great nation today, which is more likely? a, congressional leaders will make a bipartisan deal on the budget. they will make a deal with senators and go back to work, or charlie sheen will make a deal with cbs and go back to work. >> so the deadline is going to come. >> there really is a deadline coming.
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>> deadlines, budgets and stalemates. democrats and republicans tied in knots. >> is it all about dollars and cents or are we talking about collective bargaining rights. >> the protesters are still protesting the 14 absent senate democrats are still absent on the other side of the state line, the governor is sticking to his no compromise gun. >> if the 14 democrats do not come home, their local communities will be forced to manage these reductions in aid without the benefit of the tools provided in the repair bill. >> tough collective bargaining rights. and that's threatening pink slips. >> wisconsin paying a deep political price. >> wisconsin democrats demand negotiations. >> it is my way or the highway. obviously senate democrats took their pick. >> the standoff or show down has gone two weeks. neither side has budged an inch. >> the power grab that's happening back in wisconsin is unprecedented. >> as protesters fight to stay in the wisconsin capitol,
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leaders on capitol hill are trying to work out a deal to keep the federal government running. >> it is kind of an apples and oranges aspect of this thing. >> will there be a government shut down. i think we are in a state of false calm. >> everybody says no shut down. >> house of representatives right now. a vote. >> just four days left until the government money runs out. >> it is notable that john boehner spoke on the phone because it doesn't happen that often. >> i swear to god, everything is bizarre these days. >> and the unprecedented public battle between america's highest paid television actor and his network continues. >> charlie sheen keeps on talking. >> is it embarrassing he called you the goddesses? >> why? >> could be worse, man. >> jeff rossen will tell us about his visits with charlie. >> a lot of fans out there are worried about you. >> no, don't be worried. the republican governor of wisconsin, scott walker, said his so-called budget repair bill needed to pass today or he would be forced to layoff as many as 1500 state workers.
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that deadline came and went as the 14 democratic wisconsin senators remained just outside state lines today. still, governor walker feigned confidence about the future as he delivered his bi enyal budget address. >> i have been asked what happens next. i am an opt mist. i believe after the budget repair bill passes, tempers will cool and we will find a way to continue to work together to help grow our economy. we will position wisconsin to emerge from this economic downturn stronger than ever, with new opportunities for our workers and our families. >> the progressive change campaign committee and democracy for america launched a phone campaign in the districts of five republican state senators, asking whether voters would be open to recalling their senators for supporting walker's bill.
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>> our senator, luther olson and other republican politicians just gave $117 million to corporations in tax cuts. and now they are asking underpaid teachers and nurses to pay for it. that's just wrong. republicans are also trying to take away the right of people like me to negotiate for fair pay and benefits. our senator, luther olson, is one of them. some voters are talking about recalling him from office and replacing him with someone else. press one if you would be open to recalling him if he keeps this up. press two if you wouldn't be. >> these calls come on the same day republican state senator mary lays he can and mark honadel authored a bill that would prohibit prank calls. nine-year-olds beware. the republican legislators unconvincingly deny any connection between their bill
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and the recent prank call on governor walker where he admitted, admitted that his staff had discussed planting troublemakers into the crowds of protesters. joining me now, democratic state representative cory mason, and republican state senator glen grossman. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thanks for having me on the show. >> last night on the show we had scott fitzgerald, your republican senate leader. what we didn't know then, he was secretly meeting last night with some senators in kenosha. what has he told you about that meeting with democratic senators? >> well, we are not giving in on anything. he wanted to get a sense of when they're returning. i think i would anticipate within the next couple weeks they will be here. it is no secret. go ahead. >> you go ahead, senator. we have a little satellite delay between los angeles and where
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you are. you go ahead. >> okay. as we all know, there's pressure building in these people's districts to return to work, unless you're lucky enough to be a democrat representing madison or dane county where almost everybody works for the government, the public is overwhelmingly against it. they are saying we pay you $50,000 to go to work, where are you. and we know there are recall campaigns launched against two of the senators. i would anticipate they would be returning shortly. >> representative mason, what have you heard about the secret meeting with the democratic senators? which side sought that meeting? >> well, i don't know anything specifically about that meeting, but i can tell you from the state senators that i have spoken to, they felt like they were given no choice but to do this boycott if they were going to protect the rights of workers and constituent they represent. they said and we said in the assembly we are willing to go with all the economic aspects of the governor's repair bill. a lot of things we don't like.
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but we are looking for the governor to show a little leadership here, come forward, make a deal that can bring people home. >> senator grothman, what happened to the deadline today? we seemed to have passed through a couple of deadlines. last friday was a deadline, today was a deadline. is there any real deadline in front of us? >> oh, yes, i would anticipate layoffs in the very near future. >> representative mason, what's your reaction to the governor's deadlines? >> i mean, after the day has come and passed, clearly this was to pressure people to come back. clearly the governor threatened people's jobs as a political ploy to further a bill he wants passed instead of giving people rights at the workplace and giving them a seat at the table to negotiate. >> republican senator dale schultz is in a district that voted for barack obama, voted
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for john kerry before that. he had been reported as trying to work on some kind of compromise with democratic senators. have you had any conversations with republican senator schultz about where he is now on the governor's plan? >> well, i don't think senator schultz has decided where he's going to vote, but he has never known. it has been fairly well known around the capitol, we have 18 solid senators prepared to vote for the governor's plan. i like schulze, but he is not in
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the mainstream republican thought at this time. >> my understanding of all of this is that there's going to be some independent minded republicans in the senate that are going to come forward, actually listen to constituent that tell them overwhelmingly that they support worker rights and that those rights should be preserved. they have been in the statutes more than 50 years. it is really my hope there is a profile in courage moment for some of these independent minded republicans to actually do right by their constituents, instead of following this governor off a cliff. >> let's listen to what the governor said today about what will happen if the democratic senators do not come home. >> it's true. we are reducing aid to local governments by just over $1.25 billion. but we are also providing $1.5 billion in savings through the budget repair bill. if the 14 senate democrats do not come home, their local communities will be forced to manage these reductions in aid without the benefit of the tools provided in the repair bill. on the other hand, if the senate democrats do come home, local units of government overall will actually see a net increase in
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revenue, plus savings, of more than $150 million. >> representative mason, if the democratic senators come home, they will see an increase in funding in their locality. what's your response to the governor on that. >> my first response if he calls taking away people's rights a tool one more time, i think there's a lot of people that are going to lose it. he has been talking about taking away people's rights for the last few weeks and insulting everyone by calling it giving local government a tool. they said they are willing to make concessions but need to do it at the bargaining table. if the governor wants to accomplish the goal he laid out in his budget, he needs to do right by the workers who enjoyed the rights for more than 50 years, let them keep their bargaining rights. it is time for the governor to show a little leadership. he hasn't moved one iota from his position. the democrats made tons of concessions, the workers tons of concessions, but we are not giving up on our rights. it is time for the governor to be reasonable. >> senator -- >> wait a minute here. >> you saw that there is this recall telephone campaign that's starting against five republican
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senators in wisconsin. we have a wisconsin poll showing that 57% of wisconsin thinks that the public worker unions should be able to retain their collective bargaining rights. isn't the threat of recall, given that poll, something that the republicans on your side of the aisle have to fear more than democrats? >> oh, no, absolutely not. first of all, the public is not yet aware. under governor walker's plan, the workers in the state of wisconsin will have more collective bargaining rights than any federal employee. people are not aware what collective bargaining means. right now under senator walker's plan. >> they don't have collective bargaining rights. of course it is more rights. >> that's exactly right. it is not horrible to be a federal employee. in the state of wisconsin, you retain collective bargaining rights over your salary up to the rate of inflation.
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so you are putting -- >> but it is big cuts to come down to the budget. those workers have to take the concessions at the table. that's not real bargaining. that's not bargaining in good faith. and you know it. >> the more people understand, the more people realize what a good deal government employees in the state of wisconsin will have, even after governor walker's mini budget passes, they will be in a better position. >> people don't understand that this governor is taking away their rights as a roose to balance the budget. the more you will see people here day after day. that's why the governor has been trying to keep people out of this building all day. >> senator, your response? >> well, we're trying to keep some people out of the building because right now the building is becoming a pig sty. people are coming in, the
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building smells. we used to have groups of children walking through the building. there were sudden scholar programs where high school kids could track us down. all of that is shut down by slobs taking up the building. we can no longer continue to have slobs in the building. >> senator, some of the slobs in the building are elementary school students who may be learning something more interesting or valuable or real about government going on there, don't you think? >> no. it would be embarrassing to me to take my child through that building today. >> cory mason, the last word. >> i had my kids here the last couple weeks. i am proud to see them witness this great moment in democracy and these slobs that you're referring to are police officers and nurses and firefighters and people. >> no, they're not. >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> yes, they are. >> come talk to them. >> i do talk to them all the time. the people inside the building are college students who are
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having a fun party. that's largely who's in the building overnight. and if you get up early, cory, and talk to who's in the building at 7:00 a.m., you will find it is largely college students and hangers on, having a party in the state capitol. >> senator, before we go, i want to get one clarification from you about the crowds. are you saying that all of the protesters there are slobs? >> no, of course not. but the people that are staying overnight are largely making a mess of our capitol. that's what we're addressing. why are we keeping people out of the building? because we don't want to have so many people there overnight defacing our beautiful capitol. >> but you would agree -- >> nobody is defacing anything. >> they are in fact police
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officers, firefighters, other state workers who you would never call slobs, right? >> a very small percentage. i think if you would interview all of the people who are creating a ruckus, the vast majority who are here today are not police officers or nurses, they're either college students or hangers on or unemployed people looking for somewhere to hang out. >> cory mason, quickly, the last word on this. >> we've never seen the capitol restricted to access like this. it took me 45 minutes myself to get into the building today. this governor is trying to shut the protesters out. he is trying to shut down democracy, like he is trying to shut down people's voices in the workplace, like they shut down debate in the middle of the night in the assembly. it is amazing to watch. i've never been more disappointed in a governor in my life. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you. ahead, chapter two of nbc's interview with charlie sheen as jeff rossen is giving an inside look at sheen's home and the women living there. jeff was invited back yet again today to speak to charlie sheen. jeff will join me with his full
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charlie sheen insists he is still capable of doing his job on "two and a half men," even after another day and night of strange and unsettling interviews. the interview from inside his home with the women he calls his goddesses is coming up. and mike huckabee tries a new angle in lying about the president of the united states. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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polls show that wisconsin democrats who fled their state to delay the passage of a budget repair bill are winning over public opinion in their state. democrats in washington today temporarily avoided a possible shutdown of the federal government. they went along with the republican controlled house plan to cut federal spending by $4 billion, and bipartisan 335-91 vote. senator harry reid scheduled a vote tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. it is expected to get bipartisan support before going to the oval office for the president's signature. the bill keeps the government running two more weeks, while the parties continue to negotiate on spending cuts through the end of the fiscal year. republicans want to cut $60 billion from the agency in coming months. a preview to bigger cuts that
11:21 pm
republicans seek in the longer term. democratic congressman norm diks said they are setting the stage for continually crisis. prying only 14 days for them to resolve differences on a full-year measure is not realistic. setting up a shut down crisis every two weeks disrupts the continuity of good government operations and long term planning, it is not a responsible way to govern. joining me now, senator claire mccaskill. is this a responsible way to govern or are we setting up another big budget crisis, possible government shut down 14 days from now? >> well, it is certainly not the way we want to run the budget in the federal government. obviously we're having a hard time getting agreement between a group of people on one side that think all of the cuts should come from the very small part of the budget, but it is all domestic stuff, all the
11:22 pm
education and programs for working class folks. and on the other hand, the democrats in the senate want these cuts to reflect a different set of priorities. we need to look at the pentagon. we need to look other places in the budget to share the pain. cuts, yes, but not all on the backs of working families and poor women. >> senator mccaskill, because you're up for re-election in the swing state of missouri, republicans have targeted you as one of the possible democrats they can pull over to their side on budget votes. what would republicans have to do to get your vote in the senate on the budget? >> well, more importantly i think what we've got to do as democrats in the senate is present a contrast to what the house republicans have done. show the american people that we can get serious about living within our means, but not doing so all on the domestic side of our budget, looking also as discretionary defense spending, and also we've got to get to,
11:23 pm
lawrence, maybe not in this fight over how we finish the fiscal year, but we've got to get to the long-term debt problem. that's something that we all have to sit down and be grownups about, because we could cut every dime of highway, education, all of that, and still have a debt problem we have to address. i think everything has to be on the table. we have to look at everything. it doesn't mean we cut benefits to working folks or people on fixed incomes or people currently receiving social security, but we need to be honest with the american people about the severity of the problem. >> there are some senators who now are looking at everything as you put it, led by senator kent conrad, chairman of the budget committee. it is a so-called gang of six that includes democrats and republicans. they are making senators nervous on both sides of the aisle. democrats worried about what senator conrad might agree to with republicans. have you heard anything from senator conrad or others in the
11:24 pm
gang of six that indicate where they might come out and what they might be recommending? >> well, they're using the fiscal commission work as a template to begin with. i mean, this was i think a thoughtful document that basically laid out some of the things we have to do with tax reform. i mean, you know, really, lawrence, we have all of these goodies in the tax code. we could really help if we would take out some of the goodies for some of the huge multi national wealthy corporations that have gotten special deals, like oil companies. i think they also are going to take a look at obviously spending. they're going to take a look at entitlements. but not only is kent conrad in that room, so is dick durbin, so is one of the most progressive members of the democratic caucus in the senate. so i think we covered the water from tom kol burn to dick durbin. i am slightly optimistic we could get something that had a chance of doing something about our debt and about the deficits. >> you introduced a bill with
11:25 pm
two of the most conservative members of the senate. senator jeff sessions and jon kyl to put spending caps now and in the future, they would be binding on future congresses because they would require two-thirds vote to overturn them. are you going to try to attach those spending caps to the bill to increase the debt ceiling? >> well, i would prefer benot do that. i prefer we look at this separately. we have to be responsible about our debt. we don't want the united states to ever be a dead beat, not be able to pay its bills, either to soldiers that are fighting or to social security recipients. i think we need to separate those things. since the day i got here, lawrence, as an auditor, i tried to take a hard look at the way we spend money.
11:26 pm
i haven't always marched with my priority, but my priorities are a little different than some of the house republicans. >> senator claire mccaskill, democrat of missouri. thank you very much for joining us, senator. >> thank you. still ahead in this hour, cbs finally breaks its silence on the behavior and statements of its most valuable actor, charlie sheen. and mike huckabee lies about the president on a new york radio show and leaves it to a spokesman to say he misspoke. that's tonight's "rewrite." you know, when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at
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charlie sheen joined twitter today. he already has nearly 300,000 followers and counting, going up almost 100,000 an hour. he just sent out his first tweet. it reads winning, choose your vice and links to this picture with one of his goddesses, both holding nonalcoholic beverages. still to come this hour, sheen says he's finished giving interviews for now, after at least nine in the last few days. one of his last was with nbc's jeff rossen today. he will tell us what happened inside sheen's home. and fox news host mike huckabee says that president obama grew up in a country that barack obama did not visit until he was an adult. that's in tonight's "rewrite." ♪
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time for tonight's "rewrite." if you think of mike huckabee as a guitar playing, singing former governor of arkansas who meets the basic integrity standards typical of governors of arkansas, you will be shocked, absolutely shocked by what he said yesterday. >> why mr. obama did you spend millions of dollars in courts all over this country to defend against having to present a birth certificate. it is one thing to say you've seen it, good-bye. why go to court, send lawyers to defend against having to show it. don't you think we deserve to know more about this man? >> i would love to know more. what i know is troubling enough. and one thing that i do know is his having grown up in kenya, his view of the brits, for example, very different than the
11:35 pm
average american. >> well, maybe it would be if he grew up in kenya, but barack obama did not grow up in kenya! >> his perspective growing up in kenya with a kenyan father and grandfather. >> no, no, no, no, no. he did not grow up in kenya. yes, he did have a kenyan father and grandfather, but he did not grow up there. this is what we know. this is what is beyond dispute. barack obama was born in hawaii. he lived in the united states until he was six. his mother moved to indonesia, indonesia, where barack obama went to school from ages six to ten. at age ten, he moved back to hawaii where he lived until he went off to college in california, not kenya, california. huckabee refers to obama growing up in kenya as, quote, the one thing i do know.
11:36 pm
if that is the one thing that mike huckabee knows, then huckabee knows less than nothing. that would presumably hold for governors. what does that mean he knows about social security or medicare, what does he know about the defense budget? what does huckabee know about what we should do next in libya? what does huckabee know about anything other than how to lose weight? as the pressure mounted today on huckabee for lying about where the president grew up, huckabee's handlers issued the lamest possible press release in reaction to getting caught in an outright lie. it was, quote, huckabee misspoke. he wants to say that because this brand is useful for inspiring the 51% of national republican primary voters who believe that barack obama is not
11:37 pm
a citizen of the united states. mike huckabee desperately wants every one of their votes if he's going to run for president next year. in his ugly pursuit of those votes he has now fallen below the already low standard for integrity that we have come to expect from former governors of arkansas. coming up, cbs president ew. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more.
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100 crisps, 100 ways. ♪ everything pops with pringles. coming up, cbs president less moon vermont comments on charlie sheen and jeff rossen's second interview with sheen and the women he calls his goddesses.
11:40 pm
we will show you the full interview, talk to jeff about his time at sheen's home today coming up. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums ♪
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[ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon... ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. charlie sheen's bomb tossing since the suspension of production of "two and a half men" last thursday has gone largely unanswered by his targets at warner brothers television studio and the cbs network. today, cbs president les moonves addressed the problem, down playing the short-term financial impact of the lost episodes, and
11:42 pm
making it clear that he hopes the successful show will find its way back on the air. >> i'm not saying long term i want this to go on or it's great, but the repeat last night actually was the fourth highest rated show of the night. going down the road, honestly, i am not going to comment a lot on it. i wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an emmy. i hope it's back. we'll see. >> jeff rossen had an extraordinary interview with him this weekend. sheen called ross enyesterday asking him to come back, because he had more to say. this time, rossen got a rare interview with the two women helping to raise sheen's children, his live in girlfriends. he called them the goddesses. >> we own this. >> it is charlie sheen's version of domestic bliss at home with the new loves of his life.
11:43 pm
one, a self described porn star he calls rach, the other a model he calls natty. >> we eat, play with the kids. >> we think of plans and do that. >> we watch movies. i watch a lot of "two and a half men." >> do you love his kids? do you like them? >> are you kidding? i was just up there now. i didn't want to put them down. they're calling you. i am like i don't want to put them down. can i come? he was like bye. >> if he sees dad's busy, da da busy, he knows. he's fine with it. >> is this pretty normal, pictures of the kids on the frig.? >> aside from the days we sit with the gold pompom. >> they'll run with that. >> i'm joking. >> charlie told me you can put him in his place and he'll take it. when he's wrong, you put him in his place. do you?
11:44 pm
let her answer. >> i don't generally have to. i respect charlie as a man and respect him as the head of this household and trust him completely. if there's something i think is a little bad of an idea, i might say hey, babe, let's think about it this way and, you know, it works. this system works for us. >> the goddesses now live with charlie almost always around at his los angeles mansion. >> good day at sober valley lodge. >> his nickname for in home rehab. late monday, we took him outside for a candid conversation for his history with women. >> what do these two women do for you that other women in your life haven't. you had other women you loved. >> these women don't judge me, don't leave an opinion or lead with their own needs all the time. they are honest to say park your nonsense, you have to help me solve this and we solve it. because what i tell them is don't live in the middle. get away from your emotions and your ego, and therein lies the solution.
11:45 pm
>> are these women allowed to say charlie, you're being a jerk. >> those are the best jokes of the day. yes, we have an open dialogue. >> they put you in your place? >> everybody's vote has equal importance. but when we are approaching crisis, i remind them, i'm 22 years further down the road, and trust me, most of the time, well, in the last few days all the time, my plan is going to be the best one in the room. trust me on that, everybody will win and everybody's needs will be taken care of. >> including he says his young children. charlie's twin boys spend a lot of time at his house. there are nannies, but charlie's angels play a role, too. >> do the goddesses help raise the kids. >> yeah, if i can't be there, they're there, and everybody helps out. i don't know, there's nothing broken here. >> but some would say everything is broken. >> wait. i'm still in pain. >> try and hang in there.
11:46 pm
>> his hit sitcom, "two and a half men," has been shut down for the rest of the season, based according to cbs and warner brothers based on his comments and condition. >> your lawyers wrote a letter to warner brothers saying you want to get paid for eight episodes. >> of course. >> why? >> that's what i was slated for, that's what i agreed to do. >> you want to move forward? >> well, god yeah. there's work to do, shows to be delivered. we're running out of time. the clock is ticking. >> warner brothers agreed to pay the crew of "two and a half men" four episodes. >> good, it is a start. i won't stop until they get eight. i will worry about myself last. >> you think because of the pressure you're applying, they're getting paid? >> yeah, who else is applying pleasure, john crier, angus? nobody.
11:47 pm
everybody is sitting home, waiting for something to happen. >> warner brothers denies that sheen's pressure had anything to do with paying the crew. also monday, sheen's publicist suddenly quit after years on the job, saying in a statement he's unable to work effectively as his publicist. >> what happened? >> i don't know. i don't know. again, if he's not here, i can't speak for him, but maybe he got overwhelmed, maybe he felt like he wasn't respected, i don't know. i'm just guessing, but there's sort of something epic about that that it got so gnarly and he got out. if it is too much, get out, go out the door, same door you came in. >> in the first interview that aired monday, charlie promised he's clean now. >> look at me, duh, drug tests don't lie. >> when was the last time you did drugs? >> don't remember, don't care. drug tests don't lie. scoreboard doesn't lie. >> in our new interview, he brought us what he calls the proof.
11:48 pm
>> these are the results of the drug test you took. >> the word negative is printed 18 trillion times. >> but charlie's family isn't convinced that he's cured for good. in a rare interview, his father spoke about it on sky news. >> he is an extraordinary man. if he had cancer, how would we treat him, you know? the disease of addiction is a form of canser, and you have toffee kwal measure of concern and love and lift him up. that's what we do for him. >> has your father, martin sheen or your brothers come to you and said time to fix this up, man, time to get back on track. >> they tried. i said i'm not ready, i am not interested in your rhetoric. i appreciate your love and compassion if that's what you want to call it, but no. i'm 45 years old and i'm not interested in people treating me like a 12-year-old. >> even your own father. >> yeah, my own dad. he can be gnarly, but it is a different dialogue. he is on a different channel. and that's all right, he is entitled. i sort of ee solved beyond it. >> devolume ving some say into a
11:49 pm
dangerous spiral, all on display for the "today" show viewers that saw this monday morning. >> duh, winning. a warlock. tiger blood. try to pretend i am not totally bitching, a rock star from mars. >> a lot of people watched it and say he is crazy. saying he is a war lock, has tiger blood. when you watch that, what do you say? >> i am entertained as hell. not saying it is not true. but i'm laughing and i'm lafgs with the goddesses and my friends and everybody is like well, did they expect it to be like a normal interview, expect it to be conventional, boring, and whatever else? no, man, we are shaking the tree. shaking all the trees. >> some people asked me today is he delusional, crazy, a nars cyst, is he a nice guy. how would you describe yourself of those choices? >> i am grand ee owes because i live a grandiose life. no, that is not me. ps, that is me. what's wrong with that? for years i thought there were some actors that were so
11:50 pm
arrogant and full of themselves, and i look back and see they were uber confident, projecting an image they believed to be true. now i get it. >> what do you want to say to the fans, a lot of fans are worried about you. >> don't be worried, celebrate this movement. and i love and i'm so grateful not let you down. trust me. >> charlie sheen did not hold back at all. as soon as our interview aired on the "today" show, people were tweeting me that charlie seems manic. i'm concerned for the kids. some said i would have to pop that ego of his. >> i don't come from a place of ego. and what does this guy say. >> somebody says what did charlie smell like. he looks disheveled and like he is smoking a carton a day. >> yeah, great, whatever. >> does that hurt you?
11:51 pm
>> no, it is sad, get a job anyone, charlie sounds manic. i am sad you have time to write about this and you may never have kids because obviously -- i don't even want to get into it. it is so silly, you know. >> one woman wrote i agree with him. >> well, she's awake. the others, you know. >> oh. that didn't spin. >> charlie says he's happy, and feeling better than ever. >> that's nice. that's nice. >> playing baseball with friends. working out. and spending more time with the goddesses. >> our life is awesome. >> confident that all of his free time is temporary, saying he will return to the show soon as the star. >> do you support charlie. master plan to go back to work, you agree with everything he's done? >> yeah, completely. i am behind charlie 100%, whatever he would like to do. >> i told charlie when i moved in i am on the bus, i don't care where the bus is going. whatever you want to do today, done, let's do it. >> i am going to keep pressing the truth, the truth will flush
11:52 pm
everybody into the light and we will have an open dialogue about it and we will fix it and everybody will win because they followed guess who's plan, mine. >> the problems of charlie sheen are growing tonight. a short time ago, los angeles judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking sheen from coming within 100 yards of his estranged wife, brooke mueller. he is also not allowed to have any other kind of contact with her. coming up, we will talk to nbc's jeff rossen about his interview and learn what it was like inside charlie sheen's home, or as sheen now calls it, sober valley lodge. that's next. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go
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has your father, martin sheen or your brothers come to
11:56 pm
you and said time to fix this up, man? time to get on track. >> they tried. i said i'm not ready, i am not interested in your rhetoric now, i appreciate your love and compassion if that's what you want to call it, but no. i'm 45 years old and not interested in people treating me like a 12-year-old. >> joining me now, charlie sheen's new best friend, nbc news' jeff rossen. jeff, thank you very much. >> you wear that as a badger of honor? >> it is now. look. it is the journalistic coupe of the year. >> i had been texting. i immediately started to talk to his publicist who quit yesterday and his manager, mark berg, and ultimately charlie, himself. we have had a series of conversations about getting together. at one point, i flew out to los angeles, and it was an off the record secret meeting at the time to the set of "two and half
11:57 pm
men" and they wanted me to see that charlie was there and hitting his marks. i flew there, charlie and i met in his trailer afterwards, he was a great guy, very gracious. >> how was he on the set of "two and a half men"? >> amazing. >> true, that is what i walked away from -- >> this is after the hotel incident? >> yes, this is after the hotel incident. he walked in. i watched from beginning to end. he hit his take first take every time. >> how did people treat him on the set, how did the crew regard him, the directors? >> normally. he was social, at the craft services table, talking to the crew and actors. at that time it hadn't been shut down. the question is how does he get along with the crew now that they're not getting paid. >> 150 people working it there that have jobs all these years thanks to charlie sheen's stardom and driving the show. you have been with him over the course of days. i think between the first interview and last interview with him. he does seem physically calmer.
11:58 pm
he is still saying grandiose maniacal things, but he does seem to have physically calmed down. >> he is. he smokes a lot. that's one of the ways he copes with weaning himself off perhaps the alcohol and drugs that he had been taking up until recently, and he drinks a lot of soda, juice, water. and so i think he is trying to calm himself down. problem is, he is in this house. he can't leave his house because he lives in a gated community about 20 minutes from here in burbank. he can't leave. people are -- the media is outside and he feels like he can't leave without being photographed. he is in his house, and he doesn't have a job, so he doesn't know where to go, and it is more like what you and i would have after a five-day snowstorm. >> what's the longest number of consecutive hours you spent with him. >> six or seven. >> in those six or seven hours, could he have had access to drugs? >> i don't know. i mean, he goes upstairs every once in a while to his bedroom area which i'm not following him upstairs, that's weird.
11:59 pm
>> so there are moments. >> there are moments he slips away. >> but to be honest with you -- >> but the mood doesn't change. >> honestly, i get the impression he's clean. >> and the drug tests he keeps pulling out of the pocket, are those supervised, are those really results? >> nbc had nothing to do with them. it was radar online drug test. that is why we made sure to say it is the proof that he says is a clean drug test. we weren't there for it. >> is it one, more than one? >> it is more than one. we only saw results of one that were all negative. but he does not appear to be under the influence of anything. i think he is perhaps passionate. he is a little kooky. but like you said, he is calming down, and i got the sense that he is lucid and not on any substance at the time, and i'm not an expert. >> he is bitter about just about anybody you can name. i notice at the mention of his father and his family, there's a different tone. >> it struck me during the inte


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